St Louis Estate Buyers

Our mission is to provide comprehensive estate liquidation services preserving history and giving new life to other’s treasures.

With a range of offerings including Estate Buyouts, Online Estate Sale Auctions, and Appraisals, we cater to diverse client needs.

Operating from two retail locations in the St. Louis Area, we strive to promote the value of reuse through the discovery and preservation of antiques and vintage items. Recognizing that Antique Dealers are the original recyclers, we are committed to fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Additionally, we empathize with families during their most challenging times, and our aim is to facilitate the transition by connecting their loved ones' cherished items with new homes.

Through our services, we seek to honor the past, empower the present, and create a brighter future for both our clients and the environment.

Our retail stores are located in South County Mall Hwy 55 & Lindbergh  and West County Mall Hwy 270 & Manchester open daily.

We are fully insured and members of the South County Chamber of Commerce, West County Chamber of Commerce & The Des Peres Chamber of Commerce.