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We are a full service estate liquidation company our services include estate sales,  estate auctions both onsite and offsite and Estate Buyouts. We also have a retail location in South County Center on the first level behind the starbucks kiosk (43 South County Center Way, St. Louis Mo 63129).

Estate Buyouts occur when the personal property of an estate is purchased by an estate liquidation company for a fixed amount, this is an alternative to an estate sale.  This allows you to liquidate your estate immediately, receive cash for all the items and empty your house at the same time. We at St. Louis Estate Buyer's purchase entire estates, collections, and single items.  

Our Buyout Service is a quick and sure way to empty a house – so that you can do all the things you need to put the house on the market, settle other financial matters, and act responsibly on behalf of the estate.

Estate Buyouts are a great option when:

  • The estate needs to generate an immediate income.
  • Heirs and other family members do not wish to have a public estate sale.
  • There is not enough time to properly stage an estate sale.
  • Estate items are in a storage facility.
  • The decedent’s residence is a condo, apartment, or located where estate sales are not permitted.
  • The total value of the estate's personal property is not high enough to consign to an auction, or engage the services of an estate sales company.

We service the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis Area including but not limited to St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, Franklin County as well as nearby Illinois Counties.


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